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The Iman Lestrange

“Life, death and rebirth are inevitable. ” - Rig Veda

Nadiya Iman
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i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net


::november 26th::


::unapologetic literature, theatre, art, music whore::

::fantasy nerd::

::harry potter worshipper, death note devotee, closet in-denial twilight fan, embitttered degrassi: the next generation fan, the sims 2 addict, law and order:svu junkie, house, m.d. fangirl, sweeney todd admirer::

::reluctant but hopeless romantic::

::sarcastic smartass::

::incurable brooder::

::moody loner::


::creative scatterbrain::

::superstar in the making::

::interested in making new friends, meeting new people, chatting with likeminded folks, and talking about anything and everything::

::would love to be added as a friend::