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November 2009

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The Official SEEK NOT MY HEART Post

Welcome, readers, to the post that will be solely dedicated to all things about my work-in-progress, SEEK NOT MY HEART.

This fic, which is an AU challenge that features genderswitch in the form of having been born the gender opposite of what they were born in canon, stars Severus Snape and Lily Evans as Severina Snape and Evan Lillian.

So, come on in and take a look around!

- The Iman Lestrange

I believe The Prince's Tale to be the single best chapter in the entire series, I am a devout Severus/Lily shipper, and I find that their relationship can be explored in so many ways it is almost a crime to leave their story, relationship, and ship untouched. After all, as we shippers on the S.S. Always like to say - Severus and Lily 's friendship, possible romance, and storyline is the Grand Unifying Theory of the Potterverse! Without Severus and Lily meeting as children, becoming best friends, sharing a relationship, parting ways; without Severus turning to the Death Eaters and Lily turning to James, marrying him and then having Harry; without Severus overhearing the prophecy and sharing with the Dark Lord - the Potterverse wouldn't exist. Admittedly, a great deal of what happened in canon can also be traced back to Peter Pettigrew, but as JK Rowling has has herself -

Severus loving Lily as completely as he did is one of the foundations of the series. Can't get any higher praise than that!

So, my way of exploring is to see how anything, if anything would have been different, had they been born the opposite gender.

This fic starts off with the opening scene of The Prince's Tale and spans through their Hogwarts years, then afterwards up until...who knows? :) The ending wouldn't be an ending if I told, not to mentioning, this is definitely a fic which writes itself as I go along. I honestly don't know how it will end, however vague and idea I have of how I'd like to end. Makes it infinitely more fun, in my opinion, but several may differ; no matter - I shall try to write where there is a little something for every Severus/Lily shipper, no matter how you like to sail the S.S. Always.

So, without further or ado -


As of now, what I am most eager to share is a banner that I had made for this fic. The wonderful and amazingly talented Caren at the Dark Arts forums is owed completely credit and worship, and I hope you enjoy. It is exactly what I was looking for and exceptionally complementary to enjoy.

So, take a peek right here and marvel at the wonderful beauty of it!

- X-X-X-X-