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November 2009

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29 Weeks of Exile



According to my profile, I haven't updated this doo-dad in twenty-nine weeks. Last time I posted anything was on 13 August 2008. Haven't shown my face around here for over seventh months.



Ain't that some shit?

I can honestly say that I have had good reason. Really, I do.

I mean, when you take into account school (Never in my life did I think the eleventh grade would be so fucking hard! ), extracurricular activities (The Mother won out in the end and insisted that this school year, I would not come straight home and lock myself in my room with my thoughts as my only company), friends (Well, more like people to hang out with and get into amusing and interesting trouble with), helping out around the house (How the fuck does the kitchen manage to stay dirty all the time? I mean, seriously?), helping The Mother with the kids (With tater-tots running around here at three years old and six months, I'm just about ready to pop out my own sprogs and be Mommy - that's how fucking much I'm taking care of these crumb-snatchers), my dealings with romance and the other half of the species frequently called males by the more good-natured ones (Why, oh why must I always attract the incredibly hott and attractive but undeniably ignorant motherfuckers who can't seem to have a relationship without some degree of drama? ), numerous and distressing medical problems (I'm so fucking ready to trade in this body for a healthy, properly fuctional one! ) and admitted apathy and disinterest (I'll admit the online communities, forums, and fanfictions were an escape for dealing with a near-to-nonexistent social life, but now that I actually have a life, I just don't seem to be as dependent on Teh Internetz)...




However, depsite all of that, I randomly decided that I want to come back to my true home - The Internetz, more specifically fanfiction. I've been thinking about for a while now and I believe that I can achieve a balance between the two - real life and my sweet escape.

This now means that my fanfiction universe will see a return of its Sun (me!). Even thought I'm doing some serious realignment of the cosmos - I'm talking some serious reconstruction of my fics, including but not limited to characters, plots, and internal canon - I'm glad to be orbiting back in my own carefully crafted universe.

Unfortunately, I"m currently being hopsitalized (I have been in this blasted place for over a week - I WANT TO GO HOME, YOU FUCKERS! I mean, I know they're helping me, doing the best job they can with what's going on, and this is exactly where I need to be, but still...I'm going up the walls!) but, in an attempt to look on the bright side, I figure this gives me ample time to start putting my ressurection into works. And this will be a big comeback, total rejuvenation.

I'm back, baby!

- nadiya xxx




Welcome back to The Internetz!

"Why, oh why must I always attract the incredibly hott and attractive but undeniably ignorant motherfuckers who can't seem to have a relationship without some degree of drama? "

You say that like it's a bad thing! *I* only appear to be able to attract clingy losers. The hot ones all hate me.

Hope you get better/out soon ♥

Edited at 2009-03-06 10:12 pm (UTC)

*glompattackles, snorffles*

I love the Light icon. I immediately giggled when I saw it.

And, trust me, the Supah Sexeh Mothefuckers indeniably indulge the shallow part of me - y'know, popular football players, basketball players with drool-worthy bods - but they are a hassel.

The two I'm juggling right now - *impish grin* - are such a headache. One thinks he is God's most precious gift to Jesus and the other thinks he is some sort of Persian king who has decided to steal away the exotic madien (read: me) from the arrogant facist dictator from the faraway land (read: Mr. God's Exalted Gift To Jesus). Not that I mind being stolen away by the Persian king - like, Omifuckingod can you say TEH SEXEH - but I got history with Mr. GEGTJ.

I don't know.

You see why I don't like dealing with these motherfuckers?

Now that I have sufficiently aired my dirty laundry...
Good to "see" you back! I actually thought about you the other day. I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital! I hope that whatever is going on is not extremely serious and that you get well soon.

And yay to returning to writing! I need to do the same.
You thought about me? ^_^ I feel so special...lol...

Thanks for the well wishes, though, yemeron. I am so ready to get out of here...